Friday, October 22, 2010

Cranberries, Candycorn, & Candles, Oh My!

I think you can guess by the title what we will be doing with our candles today :)
I know we've covered fruit and candles but I put cranberries in a separate category because of their size.  Although we will be focusing on cranberries and candy corn, don't let your imagination stop there.  Think  jelly belly's, or kumquats.  Like I said    before, food can be beautiful, so just look at it in a different light (pun intended :)
This is done by setting a rose and greenery in
a cylinder vase and then floating cranberries and a candle in the water. You will probably have
to anchor the florals with a small kenzan, floral frog, or floral adhesive, these can all be found at the hobby store in the floral section

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  1. shannon I love these ideas, this is EXACTLY what I have been wanting to learn from you sweet bella, I am so excited to be your student of beauty - you are such a breath of fresh air....xoxo