Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Well here we are, right at the doorstep of 2012.  It's time for New Years resolutions and to reflect on the past year.  I thought it might be fun in the chaos of the season to share some of my hopes, dreams, and resolutions for the upcoming year and show you some of my favorite inspirations for New Year Decor.  I  wish you a joyful, and love filled 2012!

I resolve to do more kissing and hugging this year.  I love to kiss and hug, it's the best (and least expensive) way I know to make you feel happier and more relaxed and the same time.
I resolve to go on more picnics. I live in a beautiful state and I would like to spend more time enjoying it.

 I resolve to become a better photographer this year.
I received a new camera for Christmas knowing this was something I really wanted to do this year.  God give me the wisdom to not only be a better photographer, but to appreciate the beauty and love around me.
I resolve to become a better and more creative cook.  I think I'm a better cook this year than I was last year, and I hope to be a better cook next year than I am this  year.  Cooking is one thing you can never be too good at :)

I would really like to make a cozy place in my garden where I can go to relax, to contemplate, and to pray, a place of peace and beauty.

I would really love to hear some of your goals and dreams for 2012.  I would also love to know if there's anything in particular that you would like to read in this blog :)

Make sure you come back next week since I will be posting a very fun give-away.  But most of all let's hope that this is one really great year, I wish you health, I wish you passion (for many things) I wish you hope,  I wish you faith, but most of all I wish you lots and lots of  LOVE!




  1. I resolve to let you know how amazing you are.....thank you for adding love, friendship, and interest to my life this year. I celebrate you and pray that the new year will bring you much health, happiness and prosperity. May all of your dreams come true. God bless you Shannon Imlay! You are amzaing...love your posting too.

  2. What beautiful sentiments Shannon. I love your resolves. It has made me think as I really had not thought about it. I know too you will reach all those lofty goals because that is the kind of person you are. Also what kind of camera did you get? I bet it is wonderful whatever it is. Love you my dear dear friend.

    Nancy (J)

  3. What beauty as always Shannon! I hope the new year will be as sweet as you are! I look forward to seeing what exciting things God has in store! Abundant blessings to you dear friend...always! xoxo

  4. Happy New Year Sweet Bella Shannon! May the blessings abound!!!! As I think of what it is I'd like to purpose in my heart for this coming year, it all comes down to spending more time resting in HIS sweet presence.....not overcommitting myself and falling into busy-ness, just totally "in" the moment, one step at a time along this amazing journey. xoxo