Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Vintage Patriotic Images

I want to take the time to wish all of you a happy, and safe Fourth of July. I hope you have fun plans and if you would like to use some great vintage patriotic images in your decor or table scapes, well I just happen to have a few :)
If any of you use these for creative projects, I would love you to send me a picture and I'll be happy to post them :)
These would be adorable decoupaged on jars or cans for luminaries (think citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay :)

Think about making a bunting banner with these fun images, you could have flags that say Happy 4th between the images.
Try printing these on Vellum (a semi-sheer paper you can get at the hobby store) and tape them around dollar store vases or candle holders. The images really shine through with a candle behind them.
Are you hanging up paper lanterns? , these would be adorable decoupaged onto white paper lanterns
 Try setting these around your table to give it a Vintage Patriotic feel, you can anchor them with seashells, or small stones. 
How about gluing the images onto paper cups?
You can even take one of the images to your bakery and they'll turn it into an edible image for a cake :)
I think it'd be fun to tape these onto brown paper bags and fill them with popcorn or chips for munching while watching the fireworks :)
Have a fun filled and Blessed Fourth of July!


  1. shannon I love how you think, these are marvelous ideas!!!!! Isn't it funny how dressing things up gets us all in the celebratory mood no matter what it is...it makes life more fun, and savory, and edible and THAT's what you bring to me every time you write!!!! I will call you soon to pick your brain on 20's party ideas, things got a little busy but a good kind of busy.... I LOVE YOU MY SWEET FRIEND!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sweet Bella, No worries, enjoy those precious Angels <3