Thursday, November 21, 2013

Romantic Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Happy Thanksgiving! I promised you a couple of Romantic Thanksgiving Tablescapes and here they are. I used things I already had (except the flowers)and only switched a few things to get a different look for the Gold Tablescape.
For the first Tablescape I started with a white cotton tablecloth, and added my white plates (that I bought at T.J.Maxx). I sprinkled some gold and moss green silk maple leaves I got last year at the dollar store (it has about 4-5 different colors and I picked the lightest for this tablescape). I wouldn't call this table exactly pastel, but it's darn close :)

Here's a close up of each place-setting.A few years ago I was lucky enough to find two sets (8 total) of these beautiful Myott Factory Queens Thanksgiving Salad plates at Marshalls for $10.00. They still make the pattern and I've started adding to it, but unfortunately, I havn't found that great of a price again. I LOVE this pattern, it mixes florals with a beautiful moss green border and a very Majestic looking turkey. There are a lot of colors to pick up on in this pattern and I love how it changes depending on what you place around it.

I added my monogrammed linen napkins and tied them with moss green organdy ribbon. I had my napkins monogrammed with white because I can always bleach out a stain. It's a decision I've never regretted. I also think there's something very elegant about white on white embroidery.
I always like to have extra (paper)napkins on hand so here they are sitting in a cute ceramic pumpkin holder.
Each place setting has a vintage style paper mache glittered turkey placecard. I've been collecting Teena Flanner Turkeys for years and I just love the vintage look and feel of them. They also have a mini white pumpkin candle sitting on a little plate, both the the plates and the silk leaves are from the dollar store. The candles were from my local Safeway store. Since we eat by candlelight, I wanted a little plate for the candles to sit on.
In case you can't tell, I love white pumpkins. This little bowl serves the cranberry sauce. Whenever I find a white pumpkin at a good price whether it's a candle, a dish, or an actual pumpkin, they just seem to jump into my cart ;)

In case you missed it, I have a tutorial for both of these centerpieces. It's the last post so just keep scrolling.
I wanted to show you what I did with my centerpiece once the flowers were spent. I transferred the gypsophyllia (babies breath) into a small lined basket and nestled the pumpkins (on skewers) into the same basket. I used the same ribbon to make a bow on the handle. This arrangement will easily last another 2 weeks.
In this tablescape, I used white pumpkin candles but I wanted to show how you can easily use a different color. Here is the same pillar candle holders with dark russet orange pumpkin candles. These candles are from my local Safeway store (Debi Lilly) and come in about 4 sizes.
Here's the white pumpkin candles I used for both tablescapes, I just love how these turned out. 
If you love some sparkle with your romance, here is a gold Thanksgiving tablescape. I bought these beautiful gold table-squares years ago on ebay for $7.00 each. We had a Renaissance  masquerade ball theme for my daughters 16th birthday and I've used them more than I ever thought I would. A few years ago I ordered more in silver for our 25th wedding anniversary party :)

The only things I did different for the gold table was to top the white tablecloth with the gold square and remove the silk leaves.
So I think the moral of this tablescape is that you should never underestimate the impact one or two things can make. The reality is that if you dress your table with things that make you happy, things that you love, you WILL end up with a beautiful tablescape. Don't be afraid to play around with things, and remember that things can take on a new purpose. Those same little plates that are holding candles would make great butter dishes, or sprinkle fresh ground pepper and sea salt on them for salt and pepper cellars. Go ahead and get creative, but most of all..just have fun!  


  1. These are all so beautiful....they make me feel very much like Thanksgiving and family ! xxoo

  2. These are all so beautiful....they make me feel very much like Thanksgiving and family ! xxoo