Friday, October 28, 2011

Pierrot In Paris Halloween

It's that time of year.  The time of year when it's OK to dress up in whatever fantasy costume your little heart desires.  The time when eating candy, and sweets is not only OK, but encouraged, but best of all, it's the time when you can have a party with any theme you want, don't you love it?  This year I decided it would be fun to do a" Pierrot in Paris" theme

I photocopied a print of Pierrot kissing a girl and put it in a black frame. I also photocopied a black & white photo of the Eiffel Tower onto vellum paper and wrapped it around a glass cylinder from the dollar store. It makes a great luminary.  I found this vintage French Script fabric on Ebay and ordered a 56" square piece :)
I just couldn't resist putting these little cakes on a bed of lime green sprinklet candies along with spider rings and a lacy sign that says " Let Them Eat Cake".  I think Marie A. would understand, lol.
The romantic in me just had to put these dark chocolate (French) kisses in my Candy Station.  Death by Dark Chocolate French Kisses, now that's my kind of poison ;)  These harlequin ribbons were perfect for my Pierrot theme.

I set out Lime Green glittered boxes (to fill with candy) that I lined with black & white damask (very french) wax paper.  The 3 signs at the table are all glittered, I just love the sparkle and glamour of glitter, it's like I never outgrew the glitter phase, lol
Here's a better  view of the entire candy station. The purple witches hat complete with feathers and a net with spiders is actually part of my costume, but it was so pretty, I decided to use it in the tablescape :)  It's perched on a cake platter to better show off the netting.

In my hutch, I dressed up the plates by sticking black glitter silhouettes with double sided tape on them. I just love how they turned out

From my heart, I wish you and your loved ones, a Happy, Safe, and Sweet Halloween!

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  1. shannon I absolutely love that candle with the eiffel tower on it - it's gorgeous!!! And I'm with you, death by dark chocolate kisses is DEFINITELY my kind of poison LOL. Between you and me, I don't think we should ever outgrow glitter!!!!! sending much love your way sweet bella xoxo