Thursday, November 03, 2011

Announcing Winners for DMBLGIT October 2011

DMBLGIT October 2011

I was recently asked to help judge the DMBLGIT photo contest for DMBLGIT and it was very
challenging.  There were so many fantastic photos and there are some truly talented photographers
out there in food blog-land.  I thought it would be fun to share the results with you. Shannon

So many wonderful photos have been submitted over the course of this month for the DMBLGIT October 2011 event. There were a wide range of photos that each showed dedication and talent for the culinary world. Each day during this month Sydney and I would look in my inbox for new email submissions that seemed to jump out of the screen and greet us with inspiring and delicious looking food and photographs.
We received a total of 36 photos from many different blogs, that each told a unique story about the individuals participating in this challenge. You can still check these photos out in the gallery. I want to take a quick second to thank and acknowledge our judges who took their time out of their busy lives to judge these photos; Kristen Doyle, Bron Marshall, Ilva Beretta, Shannon Imlay, and Jeanne Horak.
Now…here is the moment everyone has been waiting for…the winners for this month are:
Overall 1st Place:
These include the highest scoring photos:

Homemade Ice Cream

Pamela of Uno De Dos (Canon EOS 350D- 25mm- 4.5- 1/100- 200)
Some Comments from the Judges include:
Bron: ”Fun, love the bite out”
Shannon: “I love this photo! What a unique and great way to display and photograph Ice Cream. The colors, contrast, and composition in this photo are great”
Jeanne: “Simply gorgeous-excellent props, composition and exposure”
Sydney: “This photos is stunning, fun, and creative”
Overall 2nd Place:

Gâteau au Fromage Blanc 0%MG (in english: 0% fat cheesecake)

Steeve of Cuisine Airlines (taken with Nikon D90 with 50mm f1.8 lens)
Comments from the Judges:
Bron: “Lovely”
Shannon: “The color contrast in this photo is beautiful”
Jeanne: “Lovely pale palette really makes the most of the berries, great use of shallow DoF”
Sydney: “When my mom and I first saw this photo were delighted to see fromage blanc was used, and the currents add an amazing extra to the cheesecake photo”
Overall 3rd Place

Tart w/Caramalized Figs & Almonds

Ago of Pane, Burro e Marmellata (taken with Nikon D3000 – 50 mm)
Comments from the Judges:
Shannon: “ I love this photo. It looks and sounds delicious”
Jeanne: “Lovely shot, painterly lighting, visible and appealing textures”
Sydney: “I absolutely love this photo. I love figs and almonds, this photo just screams delicious, I want to grab it from the computer screen!”
Category Winners:
These are the highest scoring photos for each category ( edibility, originality, and aesthetics), after excluding the overall winners.
Edibility Category Winner:
There was a tie for this category, below are the two winners
Moon Cake

Soma of E Curry (taken with Konica Minolta Dimage A200)
Some comments from the Judges included:
Bron: ”Great moody light”
Shannon: “This is a lovely photograph. The cakes look moist and appetizing and the composition and crispness of the photo are very nice”
Jeanne: “Love how the lighting and subtle palette emphasizes cookie texture”

Ricotta & Cherries Crostata

Edda of Un Dejeuner De Soleil ( taken with Pentax K-m, f 50/1.4)
Comments from the Judges:
Bron: ”Looks yummy”
Shannon: “Again, another stunning photo. This photo made me smile, made me hungry and made me want to crawl into this cozy photograph to sit and eat a while. Beautiful composition!”
Sydney: “Delicious, and wonderful set up”
Originality Category Winner:

Lentil & Butternut Squash Coconut Coconut

Rose of Magpie’s Recipes (taken with Canon T3i kit lens)
Comment from the Judges:
Jeanne: “Nice Idea”
Sydney: “I really like that you used coconut shells to serve your dish in, it brings originality to your photo”
Aesthetics Category Winner:
Chocolate Cake

Jimena of Agoisfoto (taken with Camera Canon 5D Lens Macro 100mm EF 1.8)
Comments from the Judges:
Shannon: “This picture is beautiful!”
Jeanne: “Lovely Monochrome Styling”
Sydney: “Gorgeous layout”
Thank you to everyone who participated in this event. Sydney and I had a great time hosting this month’s DMBLGIT Event. I hope all the people who submitted their photos enjoyed and had fun participating. Also, each of our judges did an awesome job and once again thank you.
Congratulations to each of our winners, you all did an outstanding job. November’s DMBLGIT event will be hosted by Nags of Edible Garden, if you would like to participate please send your entries to Nags.


  1. amazing. I am interested in getting a new camera when the opportunity permits, so I'm researching different cameras...it is so great to see which photos were taken with what cameras! I love all of the comments, this is such a fantastic post!