Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm Dreaming of A Green & White Christmas

Well, it's finally here, The most wonderful time of the year :)  So that means it's time to deck those halls!  I must confess, I've been in love with green and white, green & cream, green & silver, and green & gold color schemes for a while now. There's something so soothing and ethereal about this combination.  I suppose it also has something to do with the fact that I'm a floral designer and for us, it all starts with green :)

Nothing says welcome like this cream door all decked out in greenery :) The wreath is made with reindeer moss and the swag is made with evergreen boughs.  I just love this.

Need a green and silver inspiration for your table, look no further than this setting. Lady Slipper orchids, green & white roses, & kale bring magic to this green, white, & silver

Both real and wax evergreens make a serene Christmas forest scene.  I love these candles and have some very similar.  I can remember my mother having candles like this when I was growing up.

I love this green, cream, & silver crudite tray.  What could be more green than vegetables and an herb dip :)

An assortment of green and white ornaments on a white painted branch, how lovely.

Mercury glass adds sparkle to these evergreens.  I love the white twinkle lights to catch the light of the silver.  The contrast of the silver and rustic greenery is perfect.

A white gumdrop wreath hung by a sage striped ribbon is sure to bring visions of sugarplums to your head.

I just think these green glittered birds perched atop birch wrapped favor tubes are adorabale :)


  1. Nancy J.(Or Nann or Lady Nann--take your choice...smile).....Shannon I too love the green and Whitewith silver or gold and I think it really is lovely for Christmas. So many pretty things can be done with it.Yet green and white for a spring summer wedding is too so beautiful. Your pictures are soothing. Both the table setting and those gorgeous green trees candles. Did you say you have some like that? How do you display them. Would love to see what you do with them. Hope this posts. Luv ya girfriend!

  2. Shannon...it worked!!! Yay.......I'm so thrilled. Now I can post regularly!!
    ...From me (Nancy J)

  3. ethereal is right, so soothing and delicate....you have an eye for perfection!