Monday, February 20, 2012

Entertaining with Irish Beauties, Waterford Crystal

Waterford Bar Trunk, under a Waterford Chandelier
For  those  of you who think that St. Patricks Day (and the Irish) are all about green beer and silly hats,  I would like to say Ireland has given the world of entertaining some really beautiful products.  I would like to cover some of the beautiful gifts from Ireland starting with Waterford Leaded Crystal from Waterford County Ireland.

Waterford Castle

Waterford Crystal Was founded in 1783 and the main factory stayed in Waterford County until 2009.  It has re-opened it's visitors center and a small factory in Waterford but most of the current crystal is made throughout Europe.  If you have Waterford pieces made previous to 2009 chances are  it was made in Ireland.
 Waterford County Ireland

The leaded cut crystal of Waterford adds beauty, romance, and sparkle to any table. I'm determined to collect a set of Waterford Toasting flutes for the sheer beauty of seeing them sparkle in the candlelight.

Here are my dream flutes :) The Jim O' Leary Anniversary flutes in a Georgian style, aren't they stunning?

Don't you love this stunning Waterford Chandelier, it reminds me of the one the servants are dusting in the opening credits of Downton Abbey.

Look at the way this crystal sparkles in the sunlight. Waterford was one of the first companies to perfect the clear bright consistent color of it's crystal glass.

Waterford Crystal Bowls in the Lismore Pattern, Stunning!

Waterford Millennium Toasting Flutes, my second choice :)

Wouldn't this beautiful Waterford Bowl elevate punch to a regal level?

So if you want to set a beautiful table with some Irish sparkle and sophistication, you may want to try some Waterford next time you entertain, and say a little thank you to the Irish :)


  1. Beautiful Shannon! I just love Waterford Crystal--don't have any, but I love it! :-)

  2. Gorgeous! I have a few pieces of Waterford that my parents brought back from Ireland - they actually went to the Factory! They are truly stunning - the ONLY Crystal I will ever buy! (Noelle)

  3. I love entertaining with fine crystal also. I have Waterford Champagne Flutes, I love using them. I really like the green and white flower arrangement in the picture of the table setting! Lovely blog!

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