Friday, February 24, 2012

Irish Linen & Lace

Today we are going to be talking about two more Irish beauties, Irish linen & lace :) They are often combined, but not always.  I have been buying Irish linens for almost 30 years now. It started at an antique auction where I won and entire case of Irish linens for $20.  I've been hooked ever since :)

Here are spools of Irish lace in a bowl, think of all the towels, sheets, and dresses you could trim with these, the mind reels :)

This dress is an exquisite example of Irish linen and lace at it's finest. It's a vintage piece from the Edwardian era.

Here is a beautiful example of hand embroidered Irish Linen.  A piece this ornate was probably a wedding gift or made for a wedding dowry.

Irish linen and lace drying on the line, how divine. If you have an unwanted stain on vintage linens the recommended way to remove them is to rub a little lemon juice on the stain and lay (or hang)  them in the sun, this is gentler on the linen than bleach.

An Irish Linen loom from 1820

This is an Irish boys Christening outfit. This is almost exactly like my sons except his knickers were white velvet since he was baptized the day after Christmas, I wish I had more pictures of him in it, he was so adorable. With a name like Charles Patrick, he's all Irish :)

I adore lace trimmed sheets.  They're a beautiful luxury that every one should experience at least once.  Consider shopping around for lace and add your own, it can save you a LOT of money.  I've been doing this for years :)

If you like the look of these sheet you can purchase them from Victorian Trading Co. They specialize in all things vintage (or that look vintage)

They also carry this lovely lace table topper for a touch of old world romance :)

And last, but not least they offer these beautiful towels

So Top O' The Mornin to ya and don't forget to let a little linen and lace weave some charm into your home and your life.  It has a way of making you feel like a true lady (or gentleman).  It will also make your guests feel warm, welcome, and very special.


  1. I LOVE lace and linens! Love all things Irish really. Great Post! (Noelle)

  2. Love Love Love your beautiful laces. And I still love those luscious linen hand towels I won here on your blog. They are hanging in my powder room. Your photos are gorgeous. I can feel spring looking at the lace cloths hanging up outside. And I appreciate the web addresses. They really have beautiful things.

    Wonderful post Shannon,


  3. Shannon, you have a BEAUTIFUL site here. I love the dress. It reminds me of my wedding dress but I have to say prettier.

  4. From Donna Bardocz-Those Irish Linens are so exquisite looking Shannon, simply beautiful. I don’t have any, but LOVE to look at what you posted.

  5. haha top o' the mornin to ya! I love catching up on your posts (I've missed so many while the kids have been sick, i can't believe the viruses and colds just keep circulating round and round!!!! finally on the up and up) - I am loving the bowl full of lace :)