Monday, December 13, 2010

Gifts for The Holy Family

I'm always looking for a way to teach my children the true meaning of Christmas, and if I can teach them a virtue at the same time, I'm even happier.  I've often wondered "what would I do for the Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus", if I had been there in Bethlehem the night of the Holy Birth.  With that thought I've come up with a project for Christmas. Using either a bucket, a Jar, or a stocking. Your family will write down what they would give the Holy Family if they were in Bethlehem at the time of the Holy Birth. This will not only give them time  to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, it will teach them the virtue of giving.

This is the "Gifts for The Holy Family" on a French flower bucket

Here it is as an applique on a stocking. To do this you will need to print the image onto iron on  fabric transfer paper available at your office supply store. I transferred it to white cotton and appliqued it to the stocking. 
Here are some of the gifts my family would give the Holy Family

For this project you will need
A bucket, or smooth jar
Glue Stick
Clip art

Clip art for gift ribbons, just copy and paste. You may need to re-size depending on how large you want them. Print and cut out as many as you need.

  Clip art for the Holy Family. For the Bucket I used a 6 inch circle, for the stocking I used a 5 inch circle

On Christmas Eve, our family sits together and reads Luke, chapter 2, verses 1-20.  It is the story of Jesus birth. Then we read the ribbons with the gifts for the Holy Family.  Not only does it send the kids to bed with a reminder of the true meaning of Christmas, it seems to really relax them. 
 I wish you all a Blessed Christmas:)


  1. what a beautiful craft and a great idea for the whole family!

  2. What a wonderful idea Shannon! A great way to remember God's free gift to us...the very reason we give.

    Speaking of give...I received my beautiful prize today; your giveaway!
    What great timing to receive the "silent night" fragrance collection! It is such an elegant gift. Once again, I'm honored to have been one of your recipients! Bless you richly for your generousity and creativity! Hugs! Lorraine

  3. Lorraine, I'm so glad you recieved your Silent Night Gift Package from Bridgewater Candles. I hope you enjoy it! I wish you a Joyous and Blessed Christmas.

  4. Shannon,
    those are gorgeous :)

  5. Shannon, although I'm belated with my comments, I am just smiling from ear to ear at this wonderful post, what a beautiful tradition to keep the focus on the true reason for the season!!! hugs, j