Thursday, December 02, 2010

Glistening Frosty Leaf Covered Candles, Votives & Vases

I loved these "leaf skeletons" I found at the craft store and I love how just adding glitter to them made them sparkle like real frost on a winter morning. These would be beautiful lined down the center of a table or clustered on a mantle.
I must confess, I was much more comfortable placing  the leaves below the tops of the  candles or votive for safety reasons. Even though the original candles I saw in a boutique were higher like the ones in this photo, I think I would caution on the side of safety:))

I wanted to  share this fun, easy, and pretty project with you.
I used a square votive from the dollar store and that kept this project under 5 dollars. Don't you just love when you can make something beautiful and not spend a fortune:)) but look like you did.
The other thing you'll love about this project is that you can make these very quickly, the longest part is letting them dry:))
Here's what you'll need
1). A smooth candle (not shown) or a  clean glass container,
2). Spray adhesive, or watered down white craft glue and a brush
3). Metallic veined leaves from your hobby store (this project took 8 leaves).
4). White fine glitter
Place paper on your work surface so the spray adhesive, or glue, won't get on the counter. Spray, or brush, adhesive on entire surface of the leaf. Immediately place the leaf on your candle or glass surface.
If you want them to have a sparkling frosty look, sprinkle generously with fine white glitter while the adhesive is still wet.

Here is a close up of the finished votive, you could also use this as a small vase.

Here the leaves are glued at an angle directly on the candle for a different look.


  1. Shannon...These are GORGEOUS!!! And your directions are so clear. Thankyou for sharing these.

  2. wow Shannon great blog and wonderful ideas! I'll be a frequent reader! Thanks for following me on my blog :)

  3. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you'll be coming back for to visit, the welcome mat is always out:))

  4. I love this idea! So elegant...and it really is great when you can make something at a frugalista price! :)
    Thanks for keeping me in the holiday spirit! xoxo

  5. A lovely, lovely blog Shannon well done!
    Kylie :-)

  6. This is a lovely piece. The pictures are wonderful. So glad I stopped by.