Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stroke of Midnight New Years Eve Party

I Love this gold and silver themed New Years Eve party with clocks, and clock faces. I don't know what it is, but I love clocks :)) The bowls are filled with inexpensive gold and silver bead necklaces.

I really like the plates with clock faces on them so I've decided to give you some clock face images that you can transfer onto paper plates or white melamine (plastic) plates.
You will need full sheet sticker paper (from the office supply store) for your computer printer
Here is a classic black & white clock face, you will need to adjust the size of the image on your computer to match the size of your plate.  Once you have the size of the clock face where you want it, just print it out on the sticker paper and carefully press the image onto your plates. Trim the excess paper off and there you have it.

Here is a Sepia toned clock face for a more vintage look that would go nicely with gold.

Mix & Match your clock face paper plates in with gold, silver, and white plates and you have a fun and elegant table setting for New Years Eve.

Cut out stars from card stock then brush with craft glue and generously  sprinkle with gold or silver glitter. Hang these from your chandelier and in your doorways, it will add a magical touch to the evening
Set out vases of candy wrapped in silver and gold, how fun!
Place vintage alarm clocks around the party to go off at midnight
To make these golden smores, brush the tops with corn syrup then dip them in raw sugar and edible gold glitter (available at your hobby store).
                                    Happy New Year!


  1. What a great idea I would never have thought of, and so perfect for the occasion! I love your presentation, really beautiful!

  2. Shannon - You're AMAZING! Everything looks incredible. LOL - I can't even make my bed correctly, but I'm gonna make those smores, darn it!!

  3. thank for sharing this. your ideas are very optimistic and live ...

  4. Oh, I just love this...every aspect of it is perfection!
    Shannon, as I reflect back on this year, I am overcome with gratitude for the wonderful people God has placed in my life. Of course, you are at the top of the list. Your kind heart and gracious beauty is a blessing to me. I hope the coming year will be filled with many more good times. Happy New Year! xo

  5. I have been looking for a way to make these for a New Year's Eve party. I was thinking of gluing the clock face on the back of the clear plastic plate, but you suggest on top? Can you eat off of them like any paper plate? Just wondering. Thanks. Great ideas you have.

  6. The back of a clear plastic plate would be ideal, but either way would work, let me know how it works out for you :)