Monday, March 07, 2011

Decorating with Green Flowers, Fruit, & Flora

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I thought it would be fun to show you how beautiful green flowers, fruit, and flora (plants) can be. Too often we think that we need color in our arrangements or that arrangements are "just flowers".  The beautiful arrangement above has used whole and sliced limes to not only add color, but add fragrance.

These are some of the most popular green flowers but I want to introduce you to some of my favorites that you don't see on these charts :))

Green Carnations.  Naturally green carnations are a soft green, with a clove-like fragrance and have a long Vase Life.  They are an inexpensive way to get your greens :)))
Daisies.  Although the petals are white, the centers are a bright green.  The centers  pick up, and compliment most green flowers, foliage, and fruit.  Another plus is that they have a long vase life.  I love arranging with daisies, and find them to be very versatile.

Ivy.  OK, I know, it's not a flower, and it's not fruit.  But let's face it, it's one gorgeous plant!  I love using it in arrangements, for topiary, or in dish gardens.
This arrangement adds extra green by using one of my favorite tricks, wrapping a large leaf (tea, hydrangea, or other large leaf) around the inside of a clear glass vase before arranging the flowers. Sweet peas and  garden roses make this bouquet as fragrant as it is lovely.

This arrangement satisfies the Spring Fever in me.  Garden roses, Queen Annes Lace, Ivy, Moss, and branches set in a watering can gives this a "fresh from the garden feel".  I love it!
This beautiful live wreath was made with a 21 inch topiary wreath using 8 Manda Crested (verigated) ivy plants and studded with white silk flowers.  You do have to keep a live wreath watered but they are a beautiful way to welcome guests to a front porch, a garden gate, or a sunroom.

This stunning 21 inch ivy topiary is 29.95 at applewoodgifts.com. They carry a lot of different shapes and sizes.
Let's face it.  Just looking at a bowl of shiny green apples makes you smile.  Just looking at them, you can hear the crisp skin as you bite into one, you can smell the apple pies that your mother baked with them, and the color is, well, fantastic!

I LOVE these green apple topiaries!  They are made by hot glueing a styrofoam cone to a cake pedestal and then attaching apples with skewers.  They are finished off by tucking in leaves, eucalyptus berries and white spray roses under, and in between the apples.

I love the simple rustic beauty of these green apples in a willow basket :))
Limes add a fresh and fun zest to your table or your floral arrangements.  Not only do they add a deep green, with a lighter green center, they add a wonderful fresh frangrance when sliced. Use fresh lime slices (or lemon) to line a clear glass vase for a fun twist.

If your lucky enough to have a lime tree (or know someone who does) tie together several branches of limes with raffia and lay them across your table.  I love this idea :))

So remember, next time you need to decorate, not only is it easy being green, it's also fun, beautiful, and fragrant!


  1. Looks beautiful as always. You are so tallented and smart.
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  3. Shannon, this is so refreshing!
    Love it. Interesingly, I'm remembering your white post...I have a white platter similar to yours and it is filled with granny smith's and resting on top of my dining room sideboard :)!
    You exude beauty! xoxo

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