Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Planting and Tablescaping with Annual Spring grass

 One of the projects I love doing every Spring is planting annual rye grass seeds in containers for decorating tables, Easter baskets, and powder rooms.

This is such an easy, and fun project, even kids can do it :))  I've chronicled my steps for you so you can do this yourself :))
You'll need, potting soil, pots or containers ( I pick ones with no drainage to avoid mess and spills). The small square containers are from the dollar store:))  Annual Rye Grass Seed, and a spray water bottle.
Fill containers with potting soil and pack it down with your fingers. Water until soil is damp all the way through, but not too wet.

Generously sprinkle grass seed over soil and press the seed firmly into the soil. Sprinkle about 1/4 inch more soil over seeds and spray the top with your water bottle.
Place in a sunny window and spray generously everyday with your water bottle (do not let the seed dry out)
This is the grass after 2 weeks, you will need to trim it down with scissors and continue to keep it damp. At this point you can water it under the faucet, since the seed is no longer fragile, aren't you proud of yourself :))

I used the larger square vase (about 8 inches square) for the centerpiece. I placed a small twig nest over the grass and placed two, robins egg blue, chocolate malted eggs and a small porcelain bird in the nest.  I placed a rose and a runuculus bloom each in a water tube spike and stuck them into the soil

For the smaller square  (about 4 inch square) I placed three chocolate malted eggs and a sprig of purple stattice directly into the soil. Then I placed a small bee from Hobby Lobby into the soil. The bee's come on a thin wire so it was easy to place in the soil.
Consider lining a basket in plastic wrap and planting it with grass seed. It will make a beautiful container for dyed Easter Eggs, or  put a small container of  grass in your powder room, it will last longer than cut flowers (just make sure to water it).
Happy Spring Everyone :))  Remember to bring a little nature ( and maybe some chocolate :) indoors, it helps get rid of  Spring Fever on a cloudy day :))


  1. oh bella your creativity never ceases to amaze me, these are so simple and so adorable!!!!

  2. Hi Shannon, I've just swooned! I'm so ready for spring and your adorable little grass planters are making me wish the dry brittle grass and wind will cease and the tides of spring will bloom asap!! I just love your beautiful blog!! I can't wait to meet you in April♥

  3. This is so precious Shannon!
    I continue to be amazed at your many talents!!! I love this! What a great idea!

  4. So pretty! I could definately use a dose of Spring here! :)