Tuesday, March 01, 2011

An Ode To White Dishes

I must confess, I've always loved color and pattern. Give me a beautiful chintz fabric, bright french country designs, or anything with florals, stripes, or plaids.  I've never understood that "less is more" or the attraction of stark minimalism.
Give me color, or give me death!  OK, maybe it's not that bad (but almost).
So it was a big surprise to me when I started blogging and photographing food and flowers to find out that almost everything photographs better on a white dish :)
So began my collection of white dishes :)  I have to say, even most of my white dishes have some sort of raised pattern, or ornate lines to them (baby steps:)

This is the top of my hutch.  Since I have a two story dining room, I've used tall accessories, including mercury glass candlesticks, and boxwood topiary.
Right now I have touches of green, in honor of St. Patricks Day, and of course touches of white lace.
Each level of the hutch has a live green ivy plant sitting in a white ceramic planter. I got the planters at my local King Soopers Market Floral Department.

The Cup and Saucer I bought at Tai Pan in Salt Lake City($3.50 for the set). The adorable Sweet tag I bought at the Grand Hotel Sweet Shoppe in Salt Lake City( for 25 cents).

I love this large pedestal bowl that my son gave me for Christmas, it's great for a big pasta bowl, a fancy salad bowl, a party size bowl of Chocolate Mousse, or Banana Budding. The fun dish to the left is from Tai Pan in Salt Lake City, I thought it would be perfect for condiments, sauces, dressings, or even fun for serving with tacos (salsas, chopped onions, jalapenos).

I LOVE this platter, it's large enough to use for Roasts and a large Roasted Chicken and deep enough for me to use with Ice Sculptures and under light them.  I bought this platter at TJ Maxx. The Pitcher I use for so many things, it holds milk, flowers,& hot chocolate, just to name a few. I purchased it at Hobby Lobby. The smaller pitcher is used for sweet and savory sauces, I bought it at a Flea Market.

This French Ironstone Chocolat Pot has been filled with bath salts, candy, flower arrangements, and hot soup. I just love the shape and detail of this piece. I bought it years ago on EBay.

I buy most of my dishes one at a time, and I have two requirements.  One, that it will serve at least 2 functions, and two, that I think it's beautiful.  I love surrounding myself (and using) things that are beautiful to me ,and that make me happy.  Life is too short to not use the good dishes :))


  1. You have such a lovely and beautiful collection!

    I'm hosting the Culinary Smackdown Battle on my blog. This month's theme is COOKIES! (it doesn't have to be a new creation, you can use a previous post on your site too) Would you please join us for the fun? I have some cool prizes waiting too.


  2. I love your collection Shannon! I loved colored dishes too, but when I started photoing them I realized I need white. T.J. Maxx is my fav spot too, I love picking up oddball ones. Been thinking about you. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  3. Thank you Amy and Gina. Don't you just love T.J.Maxx, It's so fun when you find something beautiful at a great price. Gina, hope everything is great with you, I love your comments :))

  4. I understand completely..I love color photography.. do most of my shooting that way but once in awhile an image just cry s for black & white. Simplicity in its finest

  5. I agree with your take on dishes Shannon! I would love to be in your home!

  6. I love the white dishes! So pretty! And I like that they aren't all matchy-matchy.

  7. What a beautiful post! I just love white dishes and china.
    My mom left me the most beautiful set of English white china! I treasure it!
    She also loved variety, so I have been fortunate to inherit all colors, shapes and sizes of beautiful dishes.
    I love it all...like playing house!! :) Hugs! xo

  8. How delightful!!! We are two peas in a pod because I too love white dishes. My first everyday china was all white and I've even had milk glass dishes. And you do such beautiful things with yours. Lovely, simply lovely.

  9. I second that emotion....life is wayyyyy to short not to use the good dishes!