Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Shoot at "The Morning Blend"

Wild Bill, Debbie Fabre and I on the set of "Morning Blend"

First of all, Happy Halloween!
I just got home the other day from spending two weeks in Florida, with Domestic Goddess Extraordinaire Debbie Fabre. 
Debbie Fabre and Wild Bill
 I really want to thank Debbie Fabre and her family for being the best hosts I could ever hope  for.  I fell in love with her whole family (she even has a wonderful dog ).  This is a beautiful Southern Lady who understands the true meaning of Southern Hospitality.
While I was in Fort Myers, Debbie and I were invited to share some Halloween Party ideas with Fox 4's Morning Blend.  The cast and crew were just wonderful.

Click on the photo to get a better view of our table
Here's the table we set up.  From left to right- White Chocolate dipped pretzel sticks with fall sprinkles, Orange ghost cupcakes, Candy Corn, Chocolate Caramel Apples with Oreo Truffle Ghosts,  Toxic libations, Milk Chocolate Mummy Bars, and Fresh Apple Cider
The other side of the table with Pinwheel (yes they actually spin ) lollipops set in a fall hay-wagon with candy corn pumpkins
The really fun thing about preparing for this shoot was working with Debbie on everything from making cupcake wrappers, decorating the containers, and embellishing everything from bottles to lollipops. 
 We were so blessed to have two beautiful young ladies, Katie and Sarah Murphy help us get all this stuff to the studio, set up, and take it home with us, phewww.  Somehow treating them to Starbucks seemed quite insufficient.  Thank you so much ladies! 
Here is the link to our show, I hope you enjoy it,  http://www.fox4morningblend.com/videos/176557861.html