Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Beauty of Blue & White

To Celebrate 600 followers on Pinterest and 400 followers on my Shannon's Shanonigins Facebook page, I wanted to share some of my favorite pins from my Board "Romancing Blue and White" http://pinterest.com/shannonimlay/romancing-blue-white/  I love this color combination even more in the Summer, it's cool and calming influence has always made me smile.


This ethereal vignette from The Charm of Home, captures, innocence, sweetness and all the beauty of blue and white, I won't forget these forget me not's...sigh


Take it outside. The only way to make a picnic more charming and delightful is to add the loveliness of blue and white linens and dishes.


Blue and white Spode plates, white lace linens, cut crystal and fresh flowers, this tablescape is pure romance and perfection.


This tablescape shows the international appeal of blue and white, the Chinese tea cup, the English dishes and the French Rooster meld together seamlessly for one charming table.

Martha Stewart Weddings

An Elegant blue and white cake....I'm hoping there's chocolate underneath there


Decidedly English Country, this beautiful Pine hutch loaded with blue and white Spode Transferware just about took my breath away. I can just imagine it it the kitchen of an English Country home.


Speaking of Decidedly English, who could resist this beautiful tea? Even the cookies (or should I say biscuits) are beautifully decorated in blue and white. Stunning!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am to see wallpaper making a comeback, it's been a long waiting game for me because I've always loved wallpaper and this one speaks to my very heart. When Mark and I bought our first home (a Victorian Cottage) we wallpapered the kitchen in blue and white. We loved it!

This sink actually makes me swoon. It's me, pure me, I really should have this sink, lol

Blue and white fabrics and dishes reflecting off the lake. Be still my heart.

Did you know that blue is the rarest color in flowers? They have never been able to breed a blue rose. So I suppose we will have to continue to adore blue and white dishes, and linens. I hope you enjoyed this walk through the timeless combo of blue and white.  I hope it enchants you as it continues to enchant me.

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Vintage Patriotic Images

I want to take the time to wish all of you a happy, and safe Fourth of July. I hope you have fun plans and if you would like to use some great vintage patriotic images in your decor or table scapes, well I just happen to have a few :)
If any of you use these for creative projects, I would love you to send me a picture and I'll be happy to post them :)
These would be adorable decoupaged on jars or cans for luminaries (think citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay :)

Think about making a bunting banner with these fun images, you could have flags that say Happy 4th between the images.
Try printing these on Vellum (a semi-sheer paper you can get at the hobby store) and tape them around dollar store vases or candle holders. The images really shine through with a candle behind them.
Are you hanging up paper lanterns? , these would be adorable decoupaged onto white paper lanterns
 Try setting these around your table to give it a Vintage Patriotic feel, you can anchor them with seashells, or small stones. 
How about gluing the images onto paper cups?
You can even take one of the images to your bakery and they'll turn it into an edible image for a cake :)
I think it'd be fun to tape these onto brown paper bags and fill them with popcorn or chips for munching while watching the fireworks :)
Have a fun filled and Blessed Fourth of July!