Saturday, April 02, 2011

Blue Garden Parties

I thought it would be fun to carry my love of blue outdoors this week.  Here in Northern Colorado we hit 80 degrees today and it gave us all a wonderful taste of what's to come. The children in my neighborhood were flying their kites.  I was smiling at my tulips as they pop their beautiful green leaves through the soil, and the smell of BBQ was heavy in the air :)
Blue  mop-head hydrangeas easily fill out the Chinese  porcelain urns on the blue stripe tablecloth. The blue and white color scheme seems to make you feel cooler on a hot day ( ice cold lemonade helps too :))

Blue lace-cap hydrangeas aren't as full, but they are just as beautiful. Fresh berries and mint add their own beauty to the table-scape, and a great flavor to sparkling ice water.

Even a blue wine bottle (or blue glass water bottles), add a beautiful punch of blue to the garden-scape

Blue and pink are used together here.  More as accents than the primary color, but I still love the pops of blue in the glassware, ribbons, and place-cards.

Don't forget to light up the blue sky when the sun goes down :)  These are simple mason jars, wrapped with decorative silver floral wire (tight around the rim and hung from tree branches) and citronella candles, to keep the bugs at bay:)

OK, I just had to throw in a picture of my ideal garden party.  It's no secret that I'm a romantic and love all things Victorian.  So here's to a Spring full of  romantic, beautiful, and delicious garden parties :)



  1. Wow Shannon, your postings never fail to make my heart sing when I see and read them! LOVE this one!

  2. You really need to credit the sources from any photos you use, most of the photos from your blog are pulled from the web--they appear as if they are your own and you could get into trouble for using them. So please, please, please make sure to credit all sources for your photos. The photo owners may ask you to take them down but at least you won't get your blog shut down for copyright reasons since you credited the photographer. We love all your tips/ideas and how you pull things together from all across the web, I would hate to see all your hard work to go waste by google shutting down your site. Plus, it is not fair to all the people that put in the hard work to take these beautiful photos.

  3. my heart dances with every post you make....and BLUE is my favorite color!!! especially cobalt blue....this was absolutely dreamy....I shall join you in that garden party...