Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Mindies Beautiful Fabric Flowers (Tutorial)

  I am so happy to be joining my friend Shannon today through blog land!  When she asked me for a tutorial on rosettes for her beautiful blog I was so excited.  Then when I saw this cute soft towel at the Dollar store, I thought that would be a great way to start since the thicker and softer the material is the easier it is to work with for the rosettes.  Then I found matching butterflies on that same shopping trip and new I could make an adorable Spring wreath and all for around $3.00! 

I made two types of rosettes, one in the center that I twisted and the other two that are just easily rolled up.
What you need from the Dollar Store.  If you are not in love with the pink and purple they did have other colors to choose from
Start by cutting out 3 strips about the same width (no need to measure it does not have to be precise) You could make more rosettes if you like but I decided to just do 3, after all this was a quick nap time project.
Since this was a towel you will want to remove the outer seam as well with your scissors.
I like to put just a little hot glue on the top edge of one side before folding it in half to keep it in place as I work.
Now that your strip of fabric is folded in half roll it up making it look like a rosette or a cinnamon roll if you are hungry lol.  Put a little hot glue on the end to secure.  I made two like this and attached to wreath with more hot glue.
I added a button to the center with hot glue.  You could also add faux pearls.
 Now for the center twisted rosette you will need to cut out a square piece of fabric and put some hot glue in the center.  Fold your strip and glue top edge as you did before. This time though instead of just rolling you will twist and turn fabric and hot glue it down as you go to the square piece of fabric.
Here is the finished rosette.  Trim your square back piece of fabric with scissors if you need to.  I attached it to the wreath and the button with more hot glue.
To attach the butterflies I cut the wire that came on them off with wire cutters and simply hot glued them on to the wreath.
If you want to make a bow like I did for the top you will need to cut out six pieces like these. 

Step one for the bow.  It is a pretty basic bow.  Attach all your pieces with a little hot glue.
 Step three, attach third piece of bow.  Next you will fold your other small piece into a circle and glue it down to the center to cover the seem above.  Then glue your bow tails onto the back.  Then attach bow to the wreath with more hot glue.  I also added a button to the center of the bow.
            My boys and I this past December in our beautiful Northern Cali Hometown
Well thank you for joining me on this project.  I hope you will give it a try.  I would love for you to stop by and say hi at my blog

I have a crazy domestic life with a wonderful husband, two young boys, and two dogs.  I love to blog about it all from my passion for good food and creating recipes to nap time crafting.  I also have a new Etsy shop that you can check out where I sell handmade rosette necklaces and other pretties!

Thanks Shannon for the invite, it has been a blast.  I loved spending time with you.  I am always inspired by your beautiful work.

Here is a video of Mindie's  tutorial, I know I really enjoyed it (since I'm a visual learner).

Thank you so much Mindie for this great post and tutorial :) Don't forget to visit Mindie's blog:)


  1. Wow it looks so nice on here. You do such great work. Thanks for the invite again. Good luck at RWOP.

  2. I love all the great things you bring to us Shannon. I love how you highlight women who do beautiful things...most of all I adore and love you. Mindie is so great at things like this and I love what she does. I really enjoyed this tutorial. Nice work.

  3. Thank you so much ladies, I just found out that my blog is being featured on the Live Richly e-magazine on the Real Women of Philadelphia site. I'm just over the moon and so glad they get to see Mindie's talents:)

  4. A beautiful blog!Congratulations on being featured! All beautiful photo's following from Mindies blog. yvette@twistedvines

  5. Thank you so Yvette, it's so fun featuring Mindie's beautiful fabric flowers

  6. so creative and so lovely....you bring us such beauty shannon!