Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

During this most Holy of weeks, I wanted to take some time to wish you a Happy, and Joyful Easter.  I must confess that as a floral designer, this is a pretty crazy time of year for me. 
But I still marvel at the beauty of Spring, and take time to appreciate God's ultimate sacrifice for us.  His Son.  So here are a few Easter wishes I have for you:)
I wish you the grace that you need to make it through life's challenges

I wish you Angels when you need them most. May the feathers of their wings kiss your cheeks to remind you of God's goodness and mercy.
I wish you the innocence and curiosity of a child.  So that you will never stop learning and enjoying life's wonders.

I wish you the beauty of Spring and all it's glorious wonders. May the warm sun shine on your face and leave a twinkle in your eyes.

But mostly I wish you love, laughter, and  the joy of someone to share it with.  May God Bless you and yours this Easter.
Hugs and hope,


  1. Happy Easter my friend♥see you soon!

  2. Dear Shannon,
    This post is just precious...the photo's are darling and the love in your words warms my heart! God bless you as you rejoice in our risen savior and His love for us...so grateful. I'm also grateful that He has blessed me with your friendship!

    He is risen! Indeed!
    Love, Lorraine xo

  3. Shannon-this beautiful Easter page just made my day-so touching.
    You are truly talented and I love you!
    Paula T.

  4. Wow, I'm feeling truly blessed right now. Thank you my beautiful friends. I think I just felt some feathers kiss my cheek, I love you my Angels!God Bless you, Shannon

  5. Shannon- Thank you so much for these kind thoughts and words. For truly, there was no greater gift given at not higher a price than God's gift to us through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
    May your Easter be truly blessed!