Monday, April 18, 2011

Cooking Across Colorado

This last weekend I attended a really fun event and I just had to share it with you:)  I belong to a really wonderful community on line called "The Real Women of Philadelphia".  At first I joined because it was all about the cooking and the recipes, but I have made lifelong friends with woman, who have really been there for me, women I'm proud to call sisters.  You may  remember one of my earlier posts, Creme duex Chocolate.  That was a recipe for RWOP,  and there are a lot of truly talented women in this community. This weekend several of us got together to cook and just enjoy food and friends.

Here we are standing if front of the beautiful, majestic Rocky Mountains. Our lovely hostess was Rebecka Evans, she's in the pink shirt.  Does it get any better than this. Good friends, great food, in a gorgeous setting, wow!
Here is Kim Doyle Wille's Caramelized Pork & Asian Slaw Cups.  They were so delicious, here is a link to her recipe and the instructional video 

I made my Creme duex Chocolate for the event, and sent a jar home with each lady.  I hope they're enjoying it:)
Here's the sauce on Nancy Judd's wonderful strawberry crepes, YUM!  Beautiful lady, Great cook!
I was honored to to the flowers and help with the decor, this is the Dining room centerpiece:)
Vintage style paper straws with flags, I just printed the little flags on my computer and attached them with double sided tape:)

The drink table and appetizer table, before the drinks and food:))
So after this weekend, I would advise you to get together with family and friends, cook, laugh, eat, hug.  It feeds the body, and the soul:)


  1. That crepe looks so good, I just wanted to reach into my computer and grab it. Oh my, we have a super duper Gourmet Crepe place in Reno we go to at this nice Casino, and yours looks better then theirs, and that's not easily done.

  2. Shannon, wish I lived closer, I would have loved to have been in on that event. Hoping you make it Savannah. I would have enjoyed the chocolate.

  3. Looks like fun!!! What program do you use to get these cute effects on your photos?

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  5. Aw, nothing better than getting together with some of our RWoP friends and enjoying good food, fun, and lots of laughter for the soul Shannon. You all looked very beautiful and the food photos and your flowers were over-the-top gorgeous! Wish I could have joined you all! Thinking of you fondly!

  6. Oh Donna, me too, it would have been the best, but I'm afraid I would have to bring you home for a few more days of fun and friendship:))

  7. Colleen, I use Paint Shop ProX2, they have a ProX3 now with even more features, I highly recommend it:))

  8. Shannon I love the pictures and post. What wonderful memories Janae, Katie and I have over this beautiful event. And you were so instrumental in helping to make it beautiful. Wish you could have been there too Donna and hope you and your family are doing better. You have been through so much.

    Thanks Mindie for the complement on the crepe. Its Shannons decadent Chocolate sauce that is the finishing touch and puts it over the top.

    Thanks again Shannon for the wonderful memories.

    Love you girl

  9. your Easter wishes brought tears to my eyes, you are so eloquent with your words and you beautify everything your heart and hands can hold...my world is a better place because of you....