Friday, May 27, 2011

Inspirational Quotes

The fact that you even have a dream is all the evidence you need to achieve it"   Bishop TD Jakes  
 I thought it would be nice to start posting inspirational quotes on my blog.  I've been posting them on my facebook page and I've received several nice comments from people who've enjoyed them. This will not be in place of my other posts, but in addition to.  We all have challenges in life that we need to face, and sometimes it helps to read an encouraging word. 

These photo's were taken on my trip to Lake Tahoe, and I thought it fitting to use  pictures of a lighthouse for my first inspirational quote.
After all,  there are always times in our life when we need a guiding light to help us through a dark place.
God Bless you and never underestimate your faith in times when you need guidance.
Hugs and hope, 


  1. Sweet Shannon! I've been enjoying your inspirational quotes as well as your gorgeous photo's...so peaceful and such examples of the beauty God IS! I hope your Memorial Day week-end is being filled with blessings and lovely memories! xoxo

  2. what a fabulous addition, I like to think of your blog as the most glorious garden oases in this great blogosphere and the sweetest escape...this picture is so tranquil and shines a light straight to my heart...

  3. Sweet, Sweet Jaime, thank you so much, that's the best compliment you could give me, that's exactly what I want my blog to be, I couldn't have put it better myself. How are you feeling these days?