Monday, May 09, 2011

My Gardens First Spring Blooms

Spring has finally sprung here in Northern Colorado and my garden has blessed me with her first blooms.
I just wanted to share them with you and hope you enjoy the beauty of Springs first blossoms.
My garden and I have been having a romance for many years now (don't tell my husband). I love to sneak away and spend time there whenever I can.  If there's one thing I love more than arranging flowers, it's growing them. There is something therapeutic about planting a seedling, watching it grow, and then seeing it bloom.  It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment. It's like falling in love all over again. The anticipation, the romance, I just love it.

 Blue Hyacinths line the walkway in front of my porch so I can enjoy their wonderful fragrance. To me, it is the quintessential smell of Spring.
 The first of the many tulips in my flower bed. I just love how this one has a black throat. She's like a lady in a red dress, and black shoes, all ready for the dance :)
This frilly daffodil just takes my breath away. She's like a beautiful bride wearing her white dress and ready to march down the aisle
This cheery little  daffodil just seems to be smiling at me every time I walk by.  I must confess, I can't help but smile back :)
These hot pink seed geraniums give a real pop of color to the garden. I winter them over in my basement, and I'm so happy when it's time to bring them out for their debut :)
These  little pale pink and yellow snapdragons are the sweetest thing blooming in my garden right now. They seem to have the innocence of a sweet baby girl.  When I look at them, I can almost smell baby powder.
So whether or not, it's in your own garden, or your just walking through one.  Don't forget to take some time this Spring to stop and enjoy God's colorful show.  It really is beautiful, and relaxing.


  1. God really does know how to put on a show, doesn't He? Great photos, Shannon. I enjoyed this post (as always).

  2. There is nothing like the freshness of springtime blooms...and these are just gorgeous, Shannon! I just love the intoxicating fragrance of hyacinths! And soon, we will have the sweet aroma of lilacs.

    You have been blessed with many gifts and your green thumb is one of them...
    God is so creative! And so are you!

    romance in the garden :)...love it! xo

  3. oh shannon these are beautiful. Tulips are my favorite!! I would love to learn more about gardening :)

    Yesterday a daffodil was standing tall and proud in my neighbor's yard but now has wilted and gone, life is like this I think, let's make the most of it....xoxo