Friday, September 30, 2011

Black, White & Bootiful

I was really inspired by this black and white table-setting when I was trying to  think of a theme for my Halloween decor this year.  I wanted something elegant, something beautiful, and still a little on the spooky side.  I must confess, I love Halloween, but I don't like blood, guts, and gore.

I started my Halloween Decorating with the fireplace mantle and I really had fun with the black & white. I decided that since my children are grown, I would pick something solely on  my tastes, it felt a little naughty, but my daughter actually loved it.  I decided on a Pierrot in Paris theme.  Pierrot is the famous French Clown with the sad face.  He wore black & white and harlequin patterns (just like the plate in my inspiration photo ). 
I began with this fun black glittered "Beware" sign, and flanked it with white pumpkin candles. It's sitting in front of a vintage white candle holder with a white 4" pillar candle.  I found these fun glittered spiders and just propped them up against the candles.
I found these black 5x7 frames at the dollar store and printed off black and white copies of Pierrot prints to fit into them.  I took glass cylinders from the dollar store and wrapped them in photocopied black & white photos of the Eiffel Tower & The Arc de Triomphe on clear vellum paper from the hobby store. I finished them off with fluer de lis stickers and votive candles inside the  (now) luminaries.
The color scheme even co-ordinates with the Antique London News prints I have hanging further up on the fireplace (it's a 2 story room).

Here is the other Pierrot print ( who knew that Pierrot was the original twilight hunk, lol) and the other luminary. I finished the luminaries by tying black and white ribbons at the bottom.

I finished the mantle by taking two ironstone pitchers and taping black cardboard glitter bats to them (with double sided tape).  I then placed 3 glitter ravens on the fireplace rock to finish off the eerie silhouettes.  The sunlight catches the glitter and gives  just a touch of elegance to an otherwise eerie scene.  Stay tuned, I will be doing much more with this theme including a table-scape, and a candy buffet.  I'll tell you now, I will be adding pops of color to  these, so stay tuned and see what kind of bootiful Shanonigins I come up with :)

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