Monday, January 30, 2012

Sweetheart Rose Pave Valentine Arrangement Tutorial

It's the most romantic time of year, and I wanted to give you a pretty, inexpensive and easy floral arrangement  to make for Valentines Day.

You will need
1- bunch of miniature roses, also called sweetheart roses or spray roses. I picked an antique pink color ($10, you will have some left over)
1- heart shaped shallow dish, I bought this at the dollar store, don't you love it? ($1.00)
1/4 block of wet floral foam or 3 medium floral frogs (wet floral foam is for fresh flowers and is different than floral foam used for silk flowers)
1 block of floral foam retail for around $4.00, you will only need about 1/8th of one block
1 medium frog retails for between 3-4 dollars at the hobby store

This is a floral frog, the teeth hold the stems of your flowers in place, it can be used over and over again, you can buy them in different sizes in the floral department of your hobby store.  For this arrangement you would use three medium. Make sure you wash them with soap & warm water after each use (so you don't spread any bacteria).
Here is a one inch slice of wet floral foam. It will absorb a lot of water. Which ever method you use, you don't want the frog or the foam to go to the edge of the heart bowl. You will actually be placing a row of roses around the edge of your mechanics  so that they don't show through the glass.  Floral foam cuts and slices very easily with a knife.
If you need to, remove any outer petals (called guard petals) from the roses. Do this until you've removed all torn, stained, or bruised petals.  Don't worry a rose has a lot of petals and this will make all the difference in how pretty your finished arrangement looks.
Starting at the outside edge cut rose stems to 1 1/2 inches long and place them so they lay as evenly in the bowl as possible. You will need to play with them a little (that's OK). I found a cute red glitter pick that I put in my arrangement. Make sure to keep your arrangement watered.

This is such a great arrangement for a Valentine dinner because it's low and it won't block the view into your sweetie's eyes :)   Another great thing about this arrangement is that the short stems allow water to go directly to the rose and the roses will last longer than long stem roses.

From this view, you can see why we didn't want the foam or the frog to show.  If you don't want to worry about this you can always use double sided tape and wrap ribbon around the edge.  I hope you try this, and please feel free to ask any questions. 


  1. How cute and beautiful! Shannon! I think even I could do this!

  2. I just have to do this...so adorable. Great tutorial. thanks

  3. Shannon this is beautiful. I saw those same heart dishes at both the dollor store and walmart and thought 'candy'. But I love it with the roses. It is really lovely. Thankyou for the delightful tutorial!!

  4. Oh this is the sweetest! I adore you Shannon! Thank you for sharing your beauty and for this easy to follow tutorial! I'll be making this for sure! xoxo

  5. So elegant and beautiful. You're so talented. :) Love your tutorial.

  6. so precious - i adore sweetheart roses, this pale pink is so feminie too