Monday, February 18, 2013

"Talk Pretty To Me" Give-Away

For Christmas, I received a new phone :)   When thinking about a phone case, I wanted to wrap my new phone not just in impeccable style, but in a style that said "Shannon".  In my search, I found the most beautiful shop on Etsy called Case Hive   http://www.etsy.com/shop/CaseHive
Click on each picture to get an enlarged version of each photo
Not only did I swoon over this beautiful Phone case, but I found out the owner, Kate, recently added compact mirrors to her shop- be still my heart.
The Ultimate "Ladies Combo" Matching phone cover and compact mirror, your purse will never be  the same ;)

About Kate- Kate  likes to think of each design as a small canvas, almost a miniature piece of art. She has eclectic taste and enjoys designing pieces with a twist, incorporating everything from classical renaissance to urban art. "I am British and have been a graphic designer for five years. My Etsy shop is my creative outlet and I love to do custom designs for my customers".

Chocolate, flowers, and  Monogrammed, oh my.  You had to know I'd love this one, the problem is that Kate makes so many beautiful cases, that you will have A LOT of trouble picking just one, this is harder than just one potato chip, or one piece of chocolate ;)
Each case comes with it's own gift box and believe it or not, everything I've showed you so far is under $20, so feel free to pick a different case for each season :), or give one as a much appreciated gift.
Go ahead, dive into the Sea of Love :)  Romance meets Retro (don't you love it)? Kate has quite a selection of really fun Retro cases, check them out
This case appealed to my Romantic sensibilities.  I mean come on, beautiful roses and the word love in script, this one left  me almost breathless.  Imagine the romantic conversations you'd have with this cover for an inspiration
 Kate has graciously offered a phone cover, or a compact mirror to one of my lucky readers. So here are the rules for this fun give-away
You get one entry for each rule you follow :)
1). Follow me on Pinterest ( I only need 5 more followers to make it to 500 :)  http://pinterest.com/shannonimlay/
2).  Visit Case Hive on Etsy and "Favorite" Kate's Shop  http://www.etsy.com/shop/CaseHive
3). Leave a comment (below) telling us what your favorite item in the shop is
4).  Like Case Hive on Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/CaseHive
5). Make sure you leave me comments telling me which of these you have done (so I know how many entries you have, and if your comment comes up as anonymous PLEASE let me know who you are and how to get a hold of you :)

You can earn extra entries by posting about this give-away on your Facebook page, or tweeting about it :)
I will conduct the drawing on Feb. 25th, so good luck everyone.  May your conversations be a pretty as these cases sweet friends.


  1. I follow you on Pinterest.
    I Visit Case Hive on Etsy and "Favorite" Kate's Shop http://www.etsy.com/shop/CaseHive
    My favorite is ( iphone case - Sweet Sixteen iphone case - Sweet Sixteen Birthday Gift)
    I ( Like Case Hive on Facebook )

  2. Hey Shannon, cool little site. Looks like it would be a hit with any Downton Abbey Fan. My fav was the floral (rose). http://www.etsy.com/listing/102507742/iphone-4-case-vintage-roses-iphone-case? KEVIN HALL

  3. Swoon ! I love Kate's Shop ! My favorite is the personalized purse mirror, it is so beautiful. I liked and did all five steps above ! Shannon your blog is so sweet and such a delight ! It is eye candy and just makes me smile everytime I visit. * I tweeted and posted on FB.

  4. I am loving this shop! I liked Case hive on each site and re-posted and I already follow you on Pinterest! - Kelly Shippey

  5. Love her designs!! Probably like the poppies one the best. http://www.etsy.com/listing/122079940/personalized-iphone-case-poppies-phone?
    Did all ! THX so much. d

  6. Well hello beautiful lady! I just love to visit your blog. I also visited Kate's web site. I also love the cupcake case if only I had an iphone. But I would love it in the compact mirror too. My granddaughter just loves cupcakes and she loves to look at herself in the mirror too. It would be perfect in my purse, that way when we are out shopping she can admire herself. Have a very HAPPY day!
    I also follow you on pinterest already.

  7. Shannon 1,2,3,4,& 5. All completed as requested!
    I-phone case "Keep Calm and Waddle On" (not for me, but for my niece who is due in April)
    Thank you Shannon,

    Michael Karl Miller

  8. These cases are so beautiful! I would LOVE to be your winner. I already have followed you on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/shannonimlay!

  9. I have also visited and "liked" Case Hive on Etsy and "Favorite" Kate's Shop at http://www.etsy.com/shop/CaseHive

  10. Like you, there were so many cute choices for phone cases that it was had to pick just one, but this was the one: http://www.etsy.com/listing/119816801/personalized-phone-case-floral-phone?

  11. I had liked Case Hive on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CaseHive already because she has awesome products! :-)

  12. Geez, the more I look at the cases, the more I want more and more of them! Like underwear, I would like to have enough of them to change my iPhone cover daily! What a fun giveaway Shannon!!!! Love you girl!!!! <3

  13. The winner of this give-away is Angela Gray, thank you to everyone who entered and happy March <3