Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 2014

Here I sit on the Eve of a New Year. 2013 Is behind us. It has been a difficult year for many, and truth be told it has been a difficult year for me.
So I sit here on the Eve of 2014...full of hopes and dreams. I have always been an optimist and I see my champagne glass more than half full ;)
My New Years Resolutions
To love more
To kiss more
To Pray more
To prosper
To be kind
To use as many of my talents as humanly possible.
To help those who are in need
So I lift my glass ( I made enough for both of us) and toast for us....
Good Health
A life abundant with Love & Laughter
That we share our love and talents
That our Children are Blessed
That we make God proud to be our Father
That our lives are filled with beauty and delicious bounty
Happy 2014 my friends
The best is yet to come

Shannon Imlay


  1. Happy New Year Sweet Bella Shannon, blessings upon blessings to you this coming year. What a mighty force you are in my atmosphere, so grateful for you xoxo

  2. Yes, the best is yet to come Shannon! Thank you for sharing your beautiful gifts and tender heart with us! You are a graceful, lovely daughter of the King! May your new year be filled with bountiful blessings and pure joy! xoxo

  3. Thank you my two beautiful friends, you bring such joy to my life. Happy New Year to both of you <3