Thursday, November 25, 2010

Garden Inspired Christmas Decorating

I hope you all had a Joyful, bountiful, and delicious Thanksgiving:))
We are officially in the Christmas season, the season of miracles, and magic.
The season when we all become children in our hearts and believe in a jolly
Saint that brings us toys:))
A season where we reflect on God's greatest gift to us, a baby in a manger.
I remember when my daughter was born.  I was sure that for a tiny moment
I heard the heavens open up and the Angels singing and rejoicing.
I knew how the Angels felt on that most holy of nights.
I love Christmas!
I love gardening, and I love flowers, so I couldn't resist a post on garden
inspired Christmas decorations.
I hope you enjoy this first Christmas post.

This garden inspired tea is so simple but so pretty.  I love the simple ornaments hanging from the tree and the gold frame against the rustic barn wood.

If you live in a warm climate or have a sun room, consider wrapping grapevine balls and poles in lights like you see here. You may also want to consider buying silver floral glitter spray from your crafts store, it really adds a special sparkle during the holiday season:))

Bring the garden indoors with fragrant evergreen branches hung on a chandelier and placed in a small birdcage. They are even placed on the back of each chair along with flowers and ribbon. I love this garden inspired decorated room:))

These potted ceder plants are both fragrant and pretty placed on this staircase. I might even say it brings it some joy:)))
Pots of  wheat grass (or chives) a clay urn with potted herbs and garden cloches really bring a garden feel  to this fireplace mantle.
This side board with a Bay leaf wreath flanked by two bay leaf topiaries and filled with evergreen branches and white candles is all decked out in garden greenery for the season:))  I give it an A+
White roses set in river rocks, trailing ivy and the porcelain birds all make for a winter white garden fantasy tablescape
This floral arrangement with white Kale (ornamental cabbage) lemon leaf  (Salal) and berries looks like it was just picked from the garden:))
Two topiaries joined by a holiday banner and gold ribbon give the aire of an English Country Garden, tea anyone:)))
I Love this urn filled with trailing ivy and wrapped in plaid ribbon. Wouldn't you love getting a present wrapped with moss colored ribbon and fresh amyrillis like the one on the table?

If you live in a mild climate consider a live plant herb wreath, (or you can keep it in a window indoors). Wouldn't it be great to have a wreath that allowed you to clip fresh herbs for cooking, just don't forget to water. The instuctions on how to make this are at

If you live in a cooler climate but still love the idea of a fragrant herb wreath you can order this wreath for $25.00 from stokesfarm.com  in New Jersey, and still have fresh herbs on hand, they also herb swags


  1. Simply Beautiful! Love those "Joy" pots! Oh, how I wish I lived in warm climate so that I could have a garden year round! Although, your indoor tips could just get me through!
    Counting Blessings...every day!

  2. What a wonderful inspirational blog! I love the photos :)