Friday, November 12, 2010

Making Butter Beautiful

Butter molds are an easy way to add some wow factor to your table. They're so easy and can be done ahead of time so you don't have any last minute stress.
I've been using butter molds for some time and I've learned one secret that's never in the instructions.
Butter Molds need WATER!  I know it may sound funny, after all, what's more moist than butter?
But take my word, making sure your butter is surrounded by water makes releasing the butter MUCH
easier.  What I've found, is that if the butter doesn't have enough water, it gets crumbly and doesn't want to come out in one piece.

Follow the directions for the specific Mold that your using. You can use the suggestions I'm giving for
adding (moisture) water around the mold. By the way my turkey mold holds two sticks of butter which
is perfect for a holiday dinner party:))

If you don't have any butter molds, a lovely way to dress up your butter dish is to place a sprig of
thyme or parsley on top of your butter and place several cranberries around it. It's a small touch
that packs big visual impact:)))


  1. Now that is just about the most beautiful thing I've seen! Shannon, I just learned something new! Thank you for sharing this technique with us...definitely need to do this soon and with the holidays coming up, it is perfect timing! That wooden mold is amazing! Love it, love you!

  2. i love the idea of creating such a visual impact with such a small detail - you are brimming with fabulousness!